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Aluminium Oxide Recycling & Chemical Cleaning Solutions for the Medical Device & Engineering Sectors

We provide cost saving solutions that are customised to our clients requirements

Fahy Analytical Ltd  

Aluminium Oxide Recycling & Chemical Cleaning Solutions for the Medical Device & Engineering Sectors

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1.  Aluminium Oxide Recycling:

We have developed the technology to recycle Aluminium Oxide, by separating the used finer media from un-broken virgin material to provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective product.

We collect the used media from the client’s site, recycle the material and return for blasting. The quality of the recycled material is independently tested and validated before reuse. We can provide the recycling material to clients at approximately half the cost of purchasing virgin material.

Fahy Analytical Ltd. supply and deliver Aluminium Oxide in a range of grades. It is the most widely used abrasive grain in sand blast and surface preparation because of its cost, longevity and hardness. Harder than other commonly used blasting materials, aluminium oxide grit powder penetrates and cuts even the hardest metals.

Applications include the cleaning of engine heads, valves, pistons and turbine blades in the aircraft industry. Another application is its use in applying lettering on monuments. It is also commonly used for matt finishing, as well as cleaning and preparing parts for metalizing, plating and welding. Aluminium oxide abrasive grain is the best choice for an abrasive sand blasting.

2.  Outsourced Precision Cleaning and Surface Treatment Solutions:

We specialise in providing precision cleaning services such as component cleaning, degreasing and ultrasonic washing for the Medical Device and Engineering sectors.

We provide best practice cleaning technology solutions at competitive prices which can seamlessly integrate with our customers production requirements.

These include:

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a process which primarily uses chemical solutions to remove organic and inorganic contamination which accumulate on metal surfaces during the manufacturing process. Chemical cleaning solutions have an advantage over mechanical cleaning solutions for removing contamination for further processing.

Chemical Brightening and Polishing

Chemical brightening/polishing is a process for brightening metal surfaces by electrolysis or oxidation of the metal surface. Fahy Analytical can provide chemical brightening/polishing to meet its customers needs.

Chemical Passivation

Chemical Passivation removes “free iron” contamination left behind on the surface of the metal such as stainless steel from machining and fabricating. These contaminants are potential corrosion sites that result in premature corrosion and ultimately result in deterioration of the component if not removed. Fahy Analytical offers the traditional nitric acid based as well as the more environmentally friendly citric acid passivation options.

3.  Consultancy Solutions for Metal Surface Contamination:

We also provide a consultancy service on manufacturing process related issues. These primarily take the form of on-site assessments where companies are encountering specific metal surface contamination issues.

We offer our clients an SEM Analysis with full interpretation of the results and detailed Spectra showing the contamination. We then provide a full range of cleaning options to remove any such contamination.





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